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About Excellent Credit  sCORE Basics

Our mission is to show you how valuable it is to know your credit score  We also know how important your credit score is to others -banks, lenders, landlords and Employers banks, brokers, lenders.

We only encourage responsible credit card use. This means paying on time and in full every month to avoid fees and credit debt. 

We do not encourage attempts to manipulate credit scoring systems in tricky ways.

We do not encourage constantly applying for and cancelling cards to game sign-up bonuses.

Our focus is on the long term building habits and knowledge that lead to excellent credit and finding the right cards if you decide credit cards are right for you.

So we are here to help you get all the information plus our credit score team hits all these notes.

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Borrowing and repaying your credit card bill on time, in addition to not carrying a large balance is one of the most important things you can do to build up a great credit score.

The card companies report your payment behaviour to the credit bureaus.
Keeping an overall low credit utilization  is key to keeping a high credit score. 

However having at least one account with a high balance can hurt your score even if your overall utilization is low.

Make sure your score wont suffer by spreading out a low utilization across all your accounts.

See what credit range you belong and see how you can improve your score
How to achieve a good credit score

Trailing interest is the amount of interest that adds up between when a credit card bill is sent and when payment is received. 

It is also called Residual Interest.. It only applies when you carry a balance on your credit card

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